Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.  Helen Keller

Have you ever watched a dog chase a cat alongside an invisible electric fence? He runs only so far, then stops rather than crossing that invisible line that would shock him. After having been repeatedly shocked for crossing it, he’s learned not to overstep the boundary in order to avoid any further pain. The conditioning element is so strong that even when the electric field has been turned off, the dog won’t step over it, no matter how much the cat teases and tantalizes him.

What invisible parameters have you been conditioned to accept? Where do you stop because of painful memories? What if the shocking current has been turned off and it’s only hurtful remembrances that are keeping you confined? Let go of being afraid of going too far. Crossing that line becomes imperative if you don’t want to live in your preconceived pen. Outside the familiar, you may slip and experience moments of pain after being fenced in for so long because you didn’t honor your explorative self. But your natural intuitive self will come alive again with its guidance once you return to listening to it instead of the controlling beliefs that held you back for so long.

Spiritual Contemplation: What beliefs of containment are keeping you from exploring new possibilities? Your visions of possibility are big because you are big. So step outside of what’s got you penned in because the world is waiting for your gifts to be discovered.

Affirmation: My vision is a portal to the other side of the fence!