Excerpt from Dr. Ernest Holmes:

To become alive and build our greatest lives we must become something more, something worthwhile. There is not a day in my life that goes by that I do not take the time to unify myself in my consciousness with big things, to think I am one with all activities, all industries, all commerce, et cetera, et cetera, and just feel that thought reaching out and encompassing the largest fields of activity of the world. Then you are one with the infinite stars in the heavens, and that is to see all things. It is, then, our mental attitude that decides what we are to become and nothing else. If you could feel the mental concept of your business touch the universal, you would only have to speak the word and it would come to you in a ceaseless stream.

I have no responsibility except to create the right kind of mental receptivity. That is the truth. Thus we, who are seeking to demonstrate, we know that all we have got to do is to realize the truth, that is, use the mind in a positive formative way and the Mind, or the power which creates everything and projects it, will do the rest for us.  All we have to do is to take up the attitude of the expectant receiver, realizing we are scientifically using the law, and it will do the rest.