To create something new in your life, you need to change what you are doing. To change what you are doing, you have to change your choices and reactions. To change these, it starts with changing your inner conversation and outlook.

1 -Change “That’s never going to work out.” to “I may not know how that is going to happen but there is that within me that does.”

2 – Stop relying only on yourself and others and circumstances around you, and start relying on the Universal Intelligence to figure out all the things you say you can’t.

3 – Trust the Power and Presence of Love to be behind the desire you have to create change and know that this Love supports you through the discomfort of any change.

4 – Don’t hold back! Go For It and go for it long enough for the change to settle in and become the norm, not just a nice surprise.

Creating change by change impossible to I’m Possible!