You are not here to have a job. Your life isn’t just about making a living. You are here to live, create, express, and give your gifts. It is a powerful and insightful practice to ask yourself “If I knew I only had a year to live while being perfectly healthy, what would I spend my time on?” This does not mean you have to go out and quit your job tomorrow. But it may help bring into focus things that are as important to you as making money. When you find yourself dreaming about traveling or creating art or spending more time with the family, these are indications about what would make your life more fulfilling. When you find yourself imagining working in a non-profit, supporting your spiritual community, or helping care for the planet, ways you’d like to make a more meaningful contribution are being illuminated. Take all these insights and commit to adding a little bit of each of these things to your life. Gradually you will discover you aren’t just making a living, you are creating a purposeful, fulfilling life.