Sometimes we just have to admit it – whatever it is. Admit that in this moment we want something different than what we have…admit when we have uncharitable thoughts towards someone…admit when we are angry or sad, resentful or hurt. Admitting our most unthinkable thoughts gets them up and out, and keeps them from festering or worse, being suppressed and coming our sideways passive/aggressively or painfully in our bodies. Admitting our faults or negative thoughts purges them like poison we’ve eaten that we know not to swallow.

Rules for confession – Only confess to someone who won’t get into the swirl with you. Only confess to those you know see you beyond your ugly thoughts. Confess to others who are authentically seeking to be their best selves, while admitting their own humanness. Remember that thoughts are words are not actions and deeds so you aren’t guilty unless or until you act out on all that negativity. Finally, you only need to confess once or twice, after the third time it has become a story with which you flagellate yourself or seek sympathy from others.

So be compassionate with your humanness while being completely secure in your deepening spirituality. Releasing negativity is good for the soul. Let it up and out and then let it go. What’s left is a clear mind and an open heart, purged of the burden of negativity, ready to be a light in the world. What’s left is the true you!