Compassion opens our eyes and makes it possible to see what’s really going on. It sometimes seems easier to keep your head buried in the sand than to look at what’s going on around you. When you pretend not to see it, it’s not a reality, right? Wrong. It may not be your reality or yours to deal with in this life, but compassion will keep you from needing to make others who are hurting wrong in their experience. When pain is proliferating in a certain sector, it’s good to know Spirit is in the midst, because It’s omnipresent and if you want, leave it at that. But denying and making another person wrong by jumping on a bandwagon of attack for something you haven’t experienced is a questionable approach to living in love and understanding.

I think the core criterion is the social awkwardness, but the sensory issues are a serious problem in many, many cases of autism, and they make it impossible to operate in the environment where you’re supposed to be social.  Temple Grandin

When something that is wrong in the world reaches epidemic proportions, only then does it finally catch our collective attention—whether it’s the housing bubble, autism, media control, or our disregard for the environment. The energy that moves upon the collective of humanity will have its expression until we stop denying what’s going on and start coming together, with compassion, around a new idea. There is no large or small in the mind of Spirit, or as Hermes put it, “As above, so below; as within so without.” Compassionate hearing and conversations are in order for those who may be harbingers of a new insight to a way of being.

Spiritual Contemplation: Where can you be compassionate with your understanding in an area where your beliefs want to make another wrong? Where can you see and hear with more compassion?

Affirmation: I hear more deeply. I see more clearly. My compassion opens my eyers & ears.