For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice. T. S. Eliot

New Year’s Eve is a defining moment that can close a chapter and cast a new one in your life. History shows us that the date for the celebration of a new year has been all over the calendar reflecting different religions, moons, and seasons. December 31 is pretty much an arbitrary demarcation of the cycle around the sun that says this day is where we agree we start the new cycle. So rather than starting in a winter month we could go back to agreeing that the new year begins in the spring. What is more significant than the starting date is what you choose to do with the celebration itself. Symbolically, resolutions of today are similar to the secular version of spiritual vows of the past. What’s impactful for you today is your crucial soul reflection of what you are doing with your endless infinite trek through time. On this day nostalgia will rise, remembrance of people, places, joys, sorrows, and yearning for finding the comfort of home again will fill your field of awareness.

Leave behind anything that doesn’t belong in your new year. Write down those things that are no longer welcome in your new chapter for this coming year and burn them in the fireplace tonight. Or get together with some friends and create a dissolution ceremony for this list of particulars that aren’t going to hitch a ride any further through time with you. Proclaim your completion with the past and join your friends in throwing your lists in a bowl of fire and watch them turn to ashes. Letting go of what doesn’t belong in your life expands your abundance potential as you start a new chapter of your life!

Spiritual Contemplation: Write that list of what you are committed to leaving behind in the old year. Then, burn it ceremoniously tonight. Don’t wait.

Affirmation: I let go of that which no longer serves me.