“Tough times never last, but tough people do.” — Robert H. Schuller

Getting lost while driving downtown is not a low energy kind of experience … it can raise the intensity in the car very rapidly. But getting lost in a foreign city with very narrow, highly congested one-way streets, on a hot, humid, smoggy day with all sorts of noises and not being able to speak the language has great potential for knocking you off your centeredness.

When attempting to listen to your inner guidance for direction, having the oppressive street honking at you from every direction can definitely numb the inner communication link. Yet no matter how loud the outer world gets with all its commotion, you still have the power to choose whether you are going to be impacted by the outside or stay tuned in to your inner calm.

If you can catch a glimpse of yourself making the choice, you can detach in the midst of the commotion. When you are the observer of yourself making choices, you become free to go with chaos or calm.

Reflection: Where in your life is there so much commotion that you’ve given up your calm?

Affirmation: I am going with the calm in the midst of chaos!