Freedom is a foundational principle of your spiritual expression. No one—neither an individual nor a nation—wants to be told what to do. Being free outweighs conforming or rebelling. Freedom allows you to consider both and be able to make real choices between the two. Don’t abdicate that freedom to be who you are in order to be accepted. Instead of getting caught up in being told who you should be and how you should express yourself, claim your independence and just be who you are.

A little rebellion now and then is a good thing and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical. Thomas Jefferson

You cannot be free within, however, while you ignore the injustice and lack of freedom outside yourself. There are still those who are enslaved without rights or respect. Discrimination, whether because of race, income, gender, or sexual orientation, is still prevalent. So let’s be grateful for the concept of freedom and independence that was cast in 1776, but also be aware that the fight for freedom from oppression, whether from the outside or from within, requires continual awareness and action.

Spiritual Contemplation: Celebrate your freedom, then become aware of where you may feel oppressed. What are you going to do about that awareness?

Affirmation: I declare independence from all oppression in life. I expect and celebrate freedom and liberty for myself and for everyone!

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