It’s easier to catch flies with honey than with vinegar. Unknown

Using manipulation and aggression in order to force someone to see your point or change his mind may get a response but it won’t create any kind of long-term connection. Many times my father got instant obedience from us girls in his moment of anger, but we paid no attention to what he wanted when he wasn’t around to yell at us. On the other hand, my mother’s willingness to discuss, understand, and explain made us want to please her and helped make our lives more pleasant and easy. Father was vinegar—Mother was honey.

Love blooms between two people in any situation when the invitation to connection is present in their heart. Rather than blame, shame, guilt, or anger toward another, we might try quietly and truthfully to share our needs, feelings, and choices with each other. When we do this, we let our eyes meet in softness and presence. Then the alchemy of love works its magic and transforms anger into understanding, and separation into connection.

Spiritual Contemplation: Do I spread more honey than vinegar? Am I willing to openly share my feelings and needs?

Affirmation: In challenging conversations I share openly. I listen with an open heart. I seek to understand and to connect.

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