If we keep our thought fixed upon taking the form of some desire in our lives, then it will begin to take this form. If we change the desire, then It will change the form. Therefore, there must be a definite purpose in our imagination. Ernest Holmes

My son and I used to love making things out of giant cardboard boxes. A refrigerator box became a pirate ship in the living room, complete with mast, cannon ports, and ship’s wheel. A washing machine box became a castle for him to play knight in shining armor. A long thin box became an airplane hanging from his shoulders as he zoomed around the house. It was so much fun to watch his imagination as he saw a real pirate ship, drew up a real drawbridge to the castle, and flew through the air on his powerful wings. What an imagination!

Our brains don’t actually know the difference between a real and imagined experience. So as you imagine yourself having more abundance, this is what becomes real to you. Begin to see with the eyes of a child, imagining your apartment as your dream house and your life filled with overflowing blessings. Every time you see what you want in your mind’s eye, you are creating it through the Power of the Law. Stop looking at the cardboard boxes of limitation, and start seeing yourself soar! You can experience greater abundance to the degree that you can imagine it.

Spiritual Contemplation: What kind of abundance do you want to imagine? Let yourself go—daydream about the life you want to experience. Write down some descriptive words and phrases, not about the form, but about the experience. Let it become real to you in your imagination.

Affirmation: I imagine greater Abundance in my life, today!