We are pretty good at demonstrating in a pinch. We need money for a trip or medical bills, we manifest it. We need a car or some piece of furniture, we manifest it. Usually, the more of a crunch we are in, the quicker and faster we manifest.  This is great! However, it leaves us with focusing on manifesting specific prosperity when the need arises. There is a much better way to look at this, and that’s to build prosperity consciousness.

A prosperity consciousness demonstrates as having enough for all your needs and desires when you need or desire them. It means no longer having to create specific manifestation because you are demonstrating steady and increasing financial freedom and experiencing always having enough.

So, how do you create such a prosperity consciousness? By tithing. Tithing is the sacred act of demonstrating that you have enough, because every time you tithe 10% you are declaring to the Universe that you have enough to give 10% away.

Wow. Think of it.  You write a tithe check for 10% because you have the faith and the conviction that you actually have enough. What happens? That conviction is acted on by the Law and it responds by saying  “Yes, you are right, you have enough!” and then it busily goes about creating “enough” prosperity in your life.