What stories from the past do you continue to tell yourself over and over and over again, that continue to keep you stuck?

Maybe you see your dream job and think, “I am not capable or qualified enough for it.”, so you don’t apply.
Maybe you have let an old teacher trick you into thinking you’re bad with numbers, so you don’t try to manage your money.
Maybe you have been hurt in a relationship, so rather than try again, you say to yourself, “It’s not worth the pain.”

These are stories that keep you from seeing what is possible for yourself.
The soul is the seat of memory that already contains a record of everything that has ever happened in our lives. And these memories, as a whole, constitute the subjective narrative of your life.

But what if we intentionally decide and commit to changing that narrative? 
Imagine being so bold as to create our lives from our connection to Spirit, rather than from our old worn-out stories? 
Change your story, change your life.