Dreams are true while they last, and do we not live in dreams?  Alfred Lord Tennyson

Have you ever left the confines of your physical body and observed the world from a point other than from the perspective of your own eyes? It’s as if you’ve popped out of your sleeping body and are able to be instantly where your awareness takes you. To do so feels like you are actively conscious while dreaming. You can be either a passive observer of the unfoldment taking place before you or an active participant with interactions that are mostly reflective of your own beliefs and conceptual state. Actually, whenever you close your eyes and begin to sense and imagine, you’ve left the confines of your body.

Whether you travel to other ethereal realities or just daydream, your thoughts are guiding your experience. Imagine your sacred place in nature and instantly you’re drawn there. Then as you bring your thoughts back to your body, immediately you’re back behind your eyes resting comfortably. This is an exercise that transcends typical time. It’s an experience of directing your mind, your self-awareness, to be outside of your apparent body. Maybe between awarenesses you will hear the sound of static as if between radio frequencies, or maybe it’s just your brain checking in to see if you’re still there, but let it alone because you’re in a valuable state where your thoughts have full power to deliver you to your intention. Stay clear and focused and you will see with eyes not of the body.

Spiritual Contemplation: Close your eyes and allow your awareness to take you somewhere other than in your bodily perception. Pay attention, work on clarity, and focus within that imaginal state until you decide to pop back into your physical form.

Affirmation: I am a boundless expression of the infinite!