“The Karmic Law is not kismet.  It is not fate but cause and effect.  It is a taskmaster to the unwise; a servant to the wise.” — Ernest Holmes

The Law of Cause and Effect is a stern taskmaster but a willing servant. The causes you have set in motion have been playing out in your life. God isn’t punishing you.  There are simply consequences to the inner, subconscious stories about life you have come to believe. Over and over, the Law is showing you what is stored there, without variation or relief.

The good news is you can set a new cause in motion!  You can create new ideas and generate new beliefs, which the Law will just as willingly and truthfully out-picture in your life.  By truly changing your mind/heart/beliefs about something, you can co-create a new reality.  Use the Law; don’t be used by It!

Reflection:  Is there any area of your life where you rail against fate or the way things are?  What belief is operating that the Law is using to create?

Affirmation:  The Law is my willing servant.  I consciously co-create my life by setting a new cause in motion.