A false dilemma (also called false dichotomy, the either-or fallacy, fallacy of false choice, black-and-white thinking, or the fallacy of exhaustive hypotheses) is a type of logical fallacy that involves a situation in which only two alternatives are considered, when in fact there is at least one additional option. The options may be a position that is between the two extremes (such as when there are shades of grey) or may be a completely different alternative. “ — Wikipedia

In an infinite Universe, there is so much more creativity and possibility than “either-or”. Black and white thinking limits the Limitless. Seek other alternatives by thinking outside the box. In addition to something in between, or something completely new, there may be a 3rd way which “transcends and includes”, as Ken Wilbur describes it, the two seemingly opposite sides.

Reflection: Where in my life do I only see two options or alternatives? What might be some alternative ways of seeing or doing this? List them here no matter how silly or stupid them seem to you.

Affirmation: Spirit is infinite, so there is never only “either/or” choices. There is always 3rd, 4th or 5th alternative. I am creative and open enough to see these other options.