Trees are designed to bend and sway in the winds. Palm trees go so far as to bend over and touch the ground before the force of the hurricane. Despite being strong enough to stand 100 feet in the air, straight and tall, trees are neither rigid nor unyielding. It is their very willingness to be flexible that allows the storms to pass through their branches. Sometimes in an ice storm, the trees are frozen and then they snap like toothpicks. Whole hillsides can be sheared off as if a giant mower was cutting all the trees in half.

This is a powerful metaphor for our owns lives.  When we harden with resistance and become frozen with rigidity our minds and hearts are in danger of losing the resilience to spring back after the storm. Whatever storm is rolling through your life today, remember that you have the strength and flexibility to let it pass on through. Know that you are rooted in the soil of life, firmly planted, and growing toward the light, Nothing and no one can shake or change this Truth.