The wind does not break a tree that can bend. Sukuma Proverb

The tree that does not bend with the wind will be broken by the wind. Mandarin Chinese Proverb

Most really, really wealthy people have lost and regained their fortunes more than once. How do they survive these storms of life? I am reminded of Wayne Dyer sharing his experience of living by the ocean through hurricane season: “What is the palm trees’ secret to staying in one piece through huge, devastating storms? They bend almost down to the ground at times, and it’s that ability that allows them to survive.” This flexibility allows the tree to withstand the rigors of life. Storms come and go—the physical Universe is always changing. Even our greatest financial abundance isn’t a guarantee that things won’t ebb and flow. The question is, can we be flexible in the human experience of this ebb and flow, while still maintaining our rootedness in the Abundance of Life?

One of my favorite mantras is “I bend like a willow in the breeze.” This reminds me that even though the winds and storms of life may rattle my branches and flutter my leaves, my trunk is rooted in Divine Reality. Be strong and steady in your faith, yet flexible in your living, and Life becomes a joyous Dance of Abundance with the Divine.

Spiritual Contemplation: Are you rigid in the face of adversity, or are you able to let things be what they are? Are you rooted in truth in the midst of chaos and change?

Affirmation: I bend and am flexible on the outside while staying firmly rooted in Truth on the inside.

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