We are taught the importance of declaring our desire and seeing it already present. At the same time, we are reminded to allow things to unfold and to let things be. When I first heard these two ideas, I found it very confusing. Do I know, absolutely, my truth, or do I wait to feel and sense that what is true, is true for me too? How do I  affirm and listen, declare and trust, stand firm and follow guidance? How do we live from both Being and Doing? By realizing they are not opposites

Science of Mind affirms the absolute Nature of Reality, that it is perfect Love, Presence, Joy, and all the attributes of the ONE infinite Life. All these are always and forever present, right here, right now, as you and me. The most important work we have to do is to stand firm in our conviction of this truth and that it is, in fact, true about who we really are.

All the possibilities of the infinite Being exist for us right now. There never can be any less, there never will be any more… the highest consciousness is not one of possession but of being. The greater your consciousness of being, the more automatically will the Law flow from this consciousness into the acquisition of the things you desire. Ernest Holmes

We practice meditation, sacred study, and the Practice of the Presence to access and experience Being and the true nature of who we are. We believe in the absolute, essential nature of Life, our life, and all life.

It is from the absolute truth of our essential nature, our Being, that we direct, declare, and claim our manifestations. Our knowing the truth of who we are, and understanding the nature of reality is what gives us our conscious ability to use the creative process as we plant the seeds of our intentions, desires, and our very life.

“All is Infinite Being, and all is eternally becoming. Infinite Being is Infinite Knowingness; as the result of this Infinite Knowingness, there is an Infinite Becomingness or Creation.“

Why is this important? Leave me your thoughts in the comments. I’d love to know how you balance these two. Watch for thoughts on Doing in the next post.