Have you ever pondered the deep philosophical question as to why Cinderella’s shoe didn’t disappear when everything else went poof at midnight, including her other shoe? Imagine if she had gone to the party as who she really was; she would never have had to leave in such a panic if she hadn’t been in a disguise to begin with. Life is inviting you to show up as who you are, not who you are pretending to be.

He loves me because I’m me. Cinderella

Cinderella was being her true self until she lost her confidence and ran. It’s after you have touched your dream that a part of you can be scared and a piece of you is left in it. It’s just not very often the dream comes knocking on doors in your neighborhood tracking down the owner of that piece. It might have played out well for Cinderella, but it would serve you better to stop waiting for the lost piece of your dream to find you. Stop using the excuse that you’ve got nothing to wear and you’re too busy. Put on what you’ve got and get going to the party. Life has invited you to come as you are. So stop wishing on a star for some fairy godmother to come along to spruce you up, because who you are is enough to make your dreams come true.

Spiritual Contemplation: What excuses do you tell yourself for not going for your dream? What pieces of you have you left behind in your dream that you are hoping will come find you? What can you do to retrieve that last piece of you so you can be your true self?

Affirmation: Who I am is enough for my dream to come true!