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January 23, 2019

Perception and creation – Percepción y Creación

Clear the lens of your perception and seek to see the spiritual truth in all things. What is the spiritual […]


January 22, 2019

React or Respond – Reacciona o Responde

You are a place where the infinite wisdom and intelligence of Life is present.  When we are confronted with situations […]


January 21, 2019

Yes, you can! – Si tú puedes!!

Attitude is everything. Believe you can do it, and you can. Do not let anything stand in your way – […]


January 20, 2019

Name it and Claim it! – Nómbralo y decrétalo!

Name your truth. Name your desire. Name the outcome. Name the goal. When you know where you want to go, the […]


January 19, 2019

Good must come of it! – Algo bueno viene de esto!

When you are anxious, afraid, or angry over something that is happening in your life, think back to other times you […]


January 18, 2019

Listening and speaking

How willing are you to speak? Are you equally as willing to listen? How willing are you to listen? Are […]


January 17, 2019

Harm no one – No dañes a nadie

You may desire and manifest anything, as long as it harms no one. This is the deep ethical standard of […]


January 16, 2019

Be Present – El estar Presente

Every day is a new opportunity to be Present! Be present to the moment and it becomes eternity. Every moment […]


January 14, 2019

Positive is powerful – Lo positivo es poderoso

Every time you look for the good and praise it, speak affirmatively about something or seek to find the good […]


January 13, 2019

Creative Power – Poder Creativo

“As we come to realize that thoughts are things we shall also see that different kinds of thoughts will produce […]


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