“Thank you” is polite and it implies that someone has done something nice for you. An attitude of gratitude is way beyond that.  Gratitude is a way of living that notices and appreciates all the many ways you are already blessed. It focuses on the good and that which is good. Gratitude helps you from being obsessed with that which isn’t so good. Gratitude keeps you from having too narrow of a view of what is really going on in your life.

Gratitude is also powerfully generative. When you are grateful for that which you imagine, affirm, or do your spiritual mind treatment for, as having already appeared, you are creating a powerful mold in consciousness. This act of gratitude plants a seed in the Law which MUST sprout into the manifestation of that which you are already grateful for. Counter-intuitive, yes. Co-Creative, yes! This is the power of the attitude of gratitude.