Into every life, rain must fall, yet this rain also nourishes and blesses. Every life has challenges, trials, and difficulties, yet these times are also opportunities for awareness, growth, and the creation of something new. So much rain has fallen into all our lives over the past 4 months that perhaps it’s been overwhelming or filled us with fear and despair. No matter how big the storm, the sun eventually shines, and every spring the flowers return.

Today I affirm that any rain that has fallen, or stormed, in my life is growing some extraordinary flowers! I expect and declare something new blooms, greater and deeper, richer, and more fulfilling than ever before. Even loss becomes compost for the soil, and my soul is nourished by the deep awareness that life is eternal and is forever being born anew. I embrace the flowers of tomorrow in the midst of the showers, tears, and storms of today. I revel in the flowers of today that have grown from the storms I’ve already weathered. Life is forever flowing and growing, everywhere, for each and every one of us!