“Responsibility is to keep the ability to respond.”Robert Duncan

One of the greatest challenges on the spiritual path is to realize that you are responsible for your life and your choices. At first this can feel like a heavy burden or assuming you are to blame for everything in your life. The best way to understand responsibility is to realize that be taking responsibility for something you are giving yourself the ability to respond to what it. If you don’t take responsibility, you can’t actually do anything about something for which you are not willing to take responsibility, not for creating it, but for responding to it.

When something happens in your life, blaming yourself or looking for who’s at fault simply keeps you stuck in being a victim. Taking responsibility means looking at the choices that you now have before you.. What is the healthiest, sanest, most wholesome choice you can make, from where you are right now? What choice can you make the makes the greatest contribution or makes a difference. Now you aren’t a victim nor are you stuck. Now you are taking responsibility for your life!

Reflection: Is there some part of my life for which I don’t want to take responsibility? How could I engage my ability to respond? What new choice does that give me?

Affirmation: I am willing and capable of taking responsibility for me life. I have the ability to respond to any situation or circumstance because I have the help and support of Spirit!!