I always begin with the breath. As I begin to breathe it moves me to the center of my being and I feel the Infinite Reality which is the stillness at the center of all of creation.

Once we are centered, our spiritual work rests on the awareness of an Infinite Power and Presence. We spend time recognizing the spiritual and infinite nature of reality, and how life works. We recognize how Universal Love and Law create from pure Being into manifest forms. Our Spiritual work also rests in the consciousness that whatever is the truth of the infinite is the truth of our being, too. As the ancient mystics taught, we are made in the image and likeness of the Divine Infinite Nature, and may also “speak” the creative “word” into being.

As we turn our attention to what we want to heal, change or grow, we don’t lament about it.  Rather, we focus on an aspect, principle, or quality of the Infinite Natur that, if fully realized, would transform this condition. We do this because we know consciousness is cause. As we recognize the quality or principle as true about the Infinite, we work to embody it in our consciousness, accepting that this is true about our lives too. 

How do we know that this quality or principle is really True? I look into nature. I look for metaphors and images in nature that help me see that it’s true because I can’t possibly count the grains of sand on the beach. That’s lavish abundance! I watch how the seasons unfold and I see this profound harmony that’s out-pictured in the natural world. I look at the ceaseless tides and the way the activity of the universe is alive in the tide pools where life began and I sense that activity, growth, and creation are inherent in the very Nature of Reality. 

Pay attention to these things so that we can show ourselves that these qualities and attributes are expressed everywhere. When we point them out to ourselves, we realize that if it’s there, it’s here, too. This creates a deep knowing that the things that we believe to be true, ARE TRUE. As we anchor this into our awareness, well, the Universal Law can do nothing but say yes. Now we have a spiritual place to stand from which we actively create our lives and manifest greater good in the world.