In Wildness is the preservation of the world. Henry David Thoreau 

I have spent years reveling in wildness by wilderness hiking and camping. For me, it counts as wilderness only if I can walk for a day and not see any people or man-made structures. Out there in the wilds, I encounter a different side of the Divine Reality—unfettered by boundaries, unconfined and uncomplicated. The wilds offer a moment of deep peace because everything is simply what it is. The river doesn’t need me to ride it, enjoy it, or even see it. The water simply flows how it will. In this unpredictable jumble of leaves, twigs, and stones, shines a glorious beauty. The trees don’t need me to love them; they simply are there, being themselves in all their beauty. They stand tall and short, straight and leaning, intertwined and interwoven, creating soaring cathedrals and intimate quiet groves. I have a sense of curiosity and possibility—will there be a shy doe in the meadow or a bear crossing the trail? The sheer unknown quickens my heart and invites me to open to every possibility.

In the same way, there is a powerful wildness in your Soul that is the infinite, awesome mystery of Life itself. Do not seek to be too outwardly perfect. Rather, seek to perfectly allow your soul to break through the confines of worldly acceptability. Let the unpredictable beauty of you run through everything you do. Allow yourself to simply be who you are.

Spiritual Contemplation: When and how do you experience the wildness of your soul? What has tamed you beyond endurance?

Affirmation: I revel in the wildness of my Soul and allow the mystery of being to shine forth in me.