“We must learn to live with Mother Nature and put it deep in our hearts that whatever she gives we must take as blessings.” — Nader Khalili

So many people want to make a difference on this planet but get overwhelmed by the number of environmental issues plaguing Mother Earth that they quit before ever starting. It’s simple to start … it begins in the head and heart. As you expand your awareness, the sparks become a blaze of passion of the soul, making you conscious of the effects of your choices and actions upon the whole.

When you make yourself aware, you’ll know what is yours to do, the least of which is to start in your home and your life. That lighter footprint will make a difference for all of humanity.

Reflection: How can I live differently in a way that would be less impactful and more loving to the planet?

Affirmation: My footprint upon the planet is kind!