There is a Divine Intelligence and an Infinite Love that is the heartbeat of the Universe. This Life beats strong and steady within all people and through all creation. The inner eye sees and the heart knows this connection, sensing the Oneness as it flows in, through, and around everything from the galaxies to the atom. This heartbeat is the source of the courage, strength, wisdom, and inherent resilience that moves within you and within all of humanity. Do not be fooled by appearances or think that we have been deserted by the Infinite Presence. Lean into this well-spring in the darkest of days. Know that you are strong enough to move through every day until the darkness has past and the light dawns again. Drink deeply from the fountain of everlasting Love. Trust fully in the inherent Goodness of Life. This is the miracle of sufficiency, supply, and support that we expect and accept for ourselves, our loved ones, and all of humanity. Stand in this moment with faith that Life unfolds toward more Life with Love, Health and Hope.