No day shall erase you from the memory of time. Virgil

9/11 changed America. The new cultural meme that was cast united the hearts of the country in compassion and divided our minds as to what a rational response looks like. Life was never again the same. We were aligned in shock, but rather than terror and fear prevailing because of that day, love awakened. For a moment there was a planetary outpouring of caring that was felt globally and can never be forgotten. Sometimes when a tragedy hits, it’s easy to forget there is a choice as to how to perceive the circumstances other than what the majority is feeding you.

If you can move beyond the initial knee-jerk response that attempts to understand why this happened, you will realize that a greater possibility beyond the pain is possible. Life will do what is necessary to get your attention. Often similar, but louder events will repeat their pounding until the message is understood and embraced. Whether individually or planetarily, a balance will return. So, as you remember the happenings of 9/11 and all of the lives lost, may insightful gifts of higher understanding beyond a one-sided perspective emerge in your awareness.

Spiritual Contemplation: If two separate symbolic towers in your life had to collapse in order for a single new expression to emerge from the ashes, what two distinctive and separate positions in your life would come down in order for something greater to appear? An example would be like the distinction between the spiritual and the physical being. They are both distinctively separate yet both positions give way to the understanding that spirit and form are one.

Affirmation: I move beyond my single-sided position to embrace a more inclusive perspective!