You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.  Buddha

There was a time when I wondered whether anyone would ever love me—really love me, the way I wanted to be loved. But because I knew all my faults and flaws I didn’t feel worthy. So I focused on all the ways I could love and take care of others so that they would love me in return. How silly. No matter how much I gave, what I got back never seemed like enough.

It was many years before I realized that it wasn’t because I wasn’t being loved. It was because no matter how much someone loved me, I didn’t believe it, so I couldn’t let it in. No matter how much I did or worked or gave, it never seemed to turn into what I “thought” I deserved back. The reality was I was letting in just exactly what I thought I deserved.

Learning that Spirit is Love, and that Love is the impulsion of Life itself, and that Love is always available, I began to practice being the love I wanted. Not doing to get, simply being love. I also decided that no one could love me until I loved myself. Saying “I Love You” to myself was hugely difficult at the start. As it became easier, and I really began focusing on my own unique and precious being, I noticed that people seemed to love me more. What really happened is that I let in the Love that was always there, because I finally felt I truly deserved it. Wow, did the Love in my life increase tenfold! And I was able to give so much more real love, without trying to get something back!

Spiritual Contemplation: What are you doing to get love? Begin to tell yourself “I love you” with the same openhearted feeling that you say to your child or loved one.

Affirmation: I love me. I stop trying to get love. I freely give love. We are all worthy of Love!