Life is a banquet and most poor fools are starving to death. Mame in Auntie Mame by Patrick Dennis

After a mom calls her child to come to the dinner table for the umpteenth time, she finally resorts to the age-old ultimatum: “What are you awaiting for, an engraved invitation?” No answer is needed here—just swift and appropriate action if the kid doesn’t want fury to rain! An incredible banquet of delectable delights is likewise awaiting you. What’s up with needing a formal invitation to partake of what has already been offered? Do you need all hell to break loose before you realize how precious life is?

God’s voice is eternally calling you to the banquet of abundance. Nothing created by the Divine was ever intended for your distress. You don’t care about the call to the banquet if you’re full on fast food and fixated on the kids’ table set boldly with judgment and the appearance of lack. You are being called to use your discernment. Feast or famine has always been your choice. Get up from where you are and realize you can’t appreciate the greater gourmet offerings while entertaining childish tastes.

Spiritual Contemplation: Where are you waiting for a clearer invitation before joining the greater options in life?

Affirmation: I say yes to the banquet of Life!