There wells up from within us a trust, a consciousness that we are surrounded by an infinite Goodness . . . First at home, in the silence of our own thought, let us heal ourselves of fear, of doubt, of uncertainty. Let our lives be peaceful; let our lives be whole. Then shall that Peace which is God abiding within us radiate from us. Ernest Holmes

Remember the old comic strip with the little guy who was always followed by a rain cloud? This sort of summed up how he walked through life. We might call this our mental atmosphere and the energetic that we radiate into the world around us. We can tell, can’t we, whether we are with someone who transmits negativity or someone who radiates a positive, joyous atmosphere.

Our thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and beliefs become the mold through which Love and Life take the form of our life and everything in it. It often takes a crisis to shake things up in our lives. This is an opportunity for us to reevaluate what we send out into the world. When we’re confronted with something that isn’t working in our life and we look inside, we want to pay attention to when we have broadcast lack instead of Life, or criticism instead of Love. We want to notice how much negative energy we give out in the situation, or just in general.

Spiritual Contemplation: Is there an area where you automatically transmit negativity from an old pattern? Examine the values and directives you are living by. Is it still how you want to be?

Affirmation: I radiate peace in stressful situations and love whenever it is needed. I radiate a positive attitude and a joyful mental state wherever I go!