2017 Annual Theme


Engage, practice, commence, absorb, use, occupy time and space…

takeitup-iconTake it up a notch! What part of life do you want to grow, expand, or up-level in some way? Take it up a notch by learning something new, setting bolder intentions, and putting new ideas in place. Take it up a notch by expanding your vision, growing your mental equivalent, and imagine up-leveling your experience.

takeitup-iconHow are you going to take up, engage with, something that is challenging you? Are you ready to take it up with spiritual intention and engage with it differently? Whatever IT is – whether it’s a situation in your work, a challenge in a relationship, or a habit you want to change. Struggle is no longer necessary when we “take it up” with our spiritual tools and actively practice spiritual living and the Science of Mind principles.

takeitup-iconTake WHAT up? Take up spiritual practices, a spiritual perspective, a deeper relationship with Spiritual Reality and Spiritual Truth in a whole new way. How are you actively taking up our Universal Principles and spiritual practices every day? Are you ready to take up your spiritual life more fully than ever before?

takeitup-iconJanuary, and throughout 2017, we will Take IT Up – take up every day life, including relationships, success, family of origin, spiritual principles, prosperity, social action, and spiritual practices in a deeper, more engaged way while supporting each other to up-level those areas that we aren’t taking up the way we would like. Through our classes, Sunday celebrations, Wednesday and Friday offerings, special events, sanghas, and Circles of Life – let’s Take It Up in 2017!