The key to abundance is meeting limited circumstances with unlimited thinking. Marianne Williamson

Bad things happen to even the best and most spiritual of people. While 90 percent of what we used to worry about are things that we now realize were never really an issue, 10 percent are. The key to meeting any condition that is less than we want or hope for is in our response to it. We can become victims of a circumstance by looking at all the negative things, by worrying about how everything will work out, or by continually rehearsing the litany of issues that we are facing. Unfortunately, this just keeps our eyes, mind, and heart focused on the problem.

The key is to meet these circumstances with the deep knowing that there is a Power and Presence for Life and for Good in the Universe that we can turn to and draw from. We can affirm for ourselves that we have the strength to walk through it, the wisdom to handle it, and the guidance to know how to proceed. We can feel the love of the Presence as well as of family and friends as we work our way through the challenge. Keeping our eyes, mind, and heart focused on these things supports us in rising above a victim mentality (and keeps us focused on that which we are committed to manifest and experience.

Spiritual Contemplation: What am I obsessing about that keeps me in the hole? How could I think about this from an unlimited, spiritually grounded perspective? What if Love and Wisdom really were present in me as I walk through all of this? How would I feel in moving through it?

Affirmation: It is not as bad as I think it is. I turn my eyes, heart, and mind to the Wisdom and Intelligence of the Universe. I turn my energy to knowing the Presence walks with, through, and as me.