Anger will never disappear so long as thoughts of resentment are cherished in mind.  Buddha

When you plant some tomatoes and they don’t seem to be growing well, it would be odd to blame the tomatoes. Most gardeners would instead explore the reason the plants don’t seem to be doing well. Maybe it’s not enough water, or the soil doesn’t have enough nutrients, or possibly the plants are not receiving enough sun. Master gardeners don’t sit there and berate the tomatoes. So when there are issues with people in our lives, why is it so easy for us to blame them? Accusations don’t bring about blessings, nor does manipulating or arguing with someone create joy.

What is the alchemic process? It’s the same as working with tomatoes: we must analyze the situation. What is prompting a person to behave like that? What is causing a nation to act in the manner that is painful? Care enough to take extra time to explore with a loved one what’s going on. This kind of love and show of understanding will be felt, and the circumstances just might change. You might find that people can communicate a bit more clearly than a tomato.

Spiritual Contemplation: What area of your life could use some clearer understanding? Bring love and caring to your understanding and see what might be revealed.

Affirmation: I care enough to understand what’s going on in a tough situation.

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