You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.” — Alan Alda

Everyone has intuition because everyone is connected to Spirit. Intuition is knowing, without knowing how you know. Intuition is the ability to know, sense, or feel something without figuring it out or having a logical, rational explanation for it. Intuition knows from the whole to the parts, rather than the other way around.

Another way of saying this is that intuition is like Spirit because Spirit is the wholeness, the Oneness, and it always knows how to create from the oneness all the many amazing and wonderful things we have, like babies, and quasars, hummingbirds and galaxies.  So intuition is about knowing the whole of anything, including knowing the “whole” of you.

You have intuition, you know, because Spirit knows. You know your own “wholeness”, your own being and reality, because you are Spirit, and Spirit always knows from the whole. So when you have confusion or uncertainty, your intuition speaks from that place of knowing, or already seeing the whole, and knowing which part you should focus on right now. Learn to hear and trust your intuition–it’s an amazing way to listen to what Spirit is trying to be – as you.

Reflection: How does my intuition communicate with me? What do I sense from my intuition about the “whole” of me?

 Affirmation: I trust that I know myself, wholly. I know what’s good for me. I know what’s best for me to do. I listen to and trust my intuition.