October at CSLDallas


Soaring Out of This World – To Prosperity and Beyond  

Believing in and experiencing abundance and prosperity during national economic challenges can seem daunting. The news, the stock market, inflation, and a potential looming recession can cause us to feel overwhelmed, scared, and even powerless. The great news is that we are not powerless in the face of challenging conditions! Our spiritual practice is based on the causal nature of Reality and empowers us to respond and rise above the conditions that surround us.  At the same time, we focus our intention on lifting everyone out of the bondage of conditions, recognizing that when prosperity is shared, the infinite nature of abundance is experienced by everyone! 

This is where our causal thinking must start – with the reality of Infinite Abundance.  Our consciousness must soar out of the world of conditions – economics, news, reports, and even our current experience – into a deeper recognition and realization of the Nature of Infintie Reality! How do we do this? By seeing it all around us already manifested in creation and in nature.  It’s not a cliché to try to imagine the number of stars in all the new galaxies that the new Webb telescope is revealing; or to count the number of grains of sand held in one hand and then multiply that by the number of handfuls of sand on one beach, then on all the beaches on earth, and then on all the beaches anywhere in the galaxy, and then in all the galaxies in the physical universe; or simply try to count the leaves on a single tree, then imagine all the trees everywhere.  

Everywhere we look in nature, barring human interference, there is more than enough for life to flourish wherever life is found. This is what Infinite Abundance means. In every ecosystem, it means something different, yet the rainforest and the desert flourish with the perfect abundance of life-giving nourishment that is needed. 

This is where we start. Stop interfering in our own abundance with our limited, human thinking. Get out of our own way by imagining being supported by this Infinite Abundance. For example, despite the dire news, there is enough food and water for every human on the planet to flourish. It’s our human interference and sense of lack that causes people to seek prosperity solely for themselves without regard for the way creation intends abundance to be shared so that all may flourish and thrive.  

Holmes – Love and Law.   To become alive and build the greatest lives we must become something more, something worthwhile.  There is not a day in my life that goes by that I do not take the time to unify myself in my consciousness with big things, to think I am one with all activities, all industries, all commerce, et cetera, et cetera, and just feel that thought reaching out and encompassing the largest fields of activity of the world.  Then you are one with the infinite stars in the heavens, and that is to see things.  It is that in our mental attitude that decides what we are to become and nothing else.  If you could feel the mental concept of your business touch the universal, you would only have to speak the word and it would come to you in a ceaseless stream.  (p. 52.1) 

These contemplations begin to help us break the Lack Barrier in our consciousness. We can begin to access an inner sense of overflowing “enoughness” that causes us to soar past previously limited thinking. To do this, we must grow our own Mental Equivalent beyond the limitations of the past ideas of who we are and what we can experience. Of course, this isn’t just endlessly unlimited acquisition or trying to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous. That’s just self-aggrandizement fueled by an economic system that needs us to feel dissatisfied, so we always want to buy more. Our mental equivalent grows when we grow the space within our own consciousness of a full and rich life that is meaningful and fulfilling. Begin to own, within yourself, that you are an expression of Infinite Abundance, and the nature of your life is to experience and share in that Infinite Abundance. Nothing is withheld! Even socioeconomic barriers caused by institutional marginalization must fall before a causal consciousness. Find your inspiration in someone who comes from the same place you do and has built a life that reflects your aspirations. Focus solely on the good that has been created and ignore the nay-sayers. In this, we raise ourselves above the law of averages, overcome the barriers of very real outer limitations, and become an inspiration for someone else struggling with the same limitations. Inevitably we are changing the collective consciousness of humanity, but more importantly, we realize that our mental equivalent is the richest when it includes empowering, lifting, and growing others. Whenever our increased abundance contributes to the world, others believe that they may also break the barrier of lack and limitation. 

Next, we must find our rocket fuel! This is potentially the most difficult, but necessary work in the process. We must confront our beliefs, which are our ideas and feelings, about money. Remember, we are soaring OUT of this world, so we must see beyond the physical nature of money and the conditions around money that impact us. Money, like every other physical thing, is simply an effect. It is an effect of a cause. The question we need to ask is, “what cause is money that affect our own lives?” Is money the effect of our hard work? Is money the effect of our family income level? Is money the effect of the national economic situation, our job, or the stock market? Is money good or bad, friendly or dirty, a necessary evil, or something we think will cure all our ills? 

Shifting our awareness to the causal nature of reality, we realize that money is the effect of mental and spiritual causes. We can see that limited mental causes create limited physical manifestations of money. But when we launch ourselves into that higher sphere, seeing the whole rather than just the pieces, we can begin to realize that money, like all of creation, is simply energy in a form that we can see. And ultimately, all energy is the energy of Spirit/Life making Itself manifest. So, the ultimate Source of money is the Infinite Spirit and it’s created out of Universal Substance.  What shapes Universal Substance? The causal nature of Infinite Spirit. And that Infinite Spirit is individualized as the US! So, our rocket fuel is using our causal nature in the creation of our experience of money and prosperity. The more rocket fuel we burn, the more we launch ourselves and others into Prosperity and Beyond! 

What is the beyond? It’s knowing that we can’t hoard, contain, or want the good only for ourselves. Every spiritual tradition and faith path know that giving and sharing are beyond! We are all connected and intimately linked to each other, the planet, and the cosmos. For our prosperity to flow to its fullest it must go beyond the getting of our own good. Infinite Abundance is always shared for It is for all of creation. To live in alignment with the spiritual truth of our being, we too must spread our abundance around. Knowing that we have so much more that we can give from the overflow, inevitably makes room for more. The more we give, the more overflow there is to give from, and the more we all are catapulted into a whole new experience of abundance.  

Let’s live beyond our fears, our limitations, and the small sense of ourselves. Let’s soar into the stratosphere of possibility, out beyond the stars. Let’s celebrate raising ourselves above the law of averages, growing our abundance, and empowering everyone to experience this with us.