May at CSLDallas

Ignite the Love

Love is the Self-givingness of Spirit into Creation. – Ernest Holmes

Love is not a feeling, it is a behavior, it is how a person acts and how they treat you.  – Oprah Winfrey

So often we casually use the word love to actually mean something we like or prefer. “I love chocolate, or puppies, or sunsets” focuses on our inner experience of something on the outside. And of course, those outside things change – we learn sugar isn’t good for us, puppies pee in the house, and sunsets fade.

In spiritual living we learn that our lives are more fulfilled and in alignment with the Divine when we are living from the inside out, rather than from the outside in. In this way Love is not a reaction to something, but rather an inner state of being from which we move in the world.  To Be Love is to bring a loving presence and to behave lovingly.  This Love is a givingness, a generosity of spirit expressed in words and action.

It often seems that unconditional love is easier in the abstract and toward people we don’t have to live with every day. Yet this is the very crucible of spiritual growth that is available in every intimate and close relationship we have. Our lovers, partners, and children all provide powerful opportunities for us to practice. This month at CSLDallas, we are focused on personal skills and spiritual tools which help us heal and grow ourselves while enhancing and empowering our relationships. Let’s Ignite more Love in our lives and bring more Love into the world.

Love is the answer. – John Lennon



Creating a Spiritual Relationship
By Paul Ferrini

This book is designed for people who are either in a committed relationship or want to be. A committed relationship is one path toward spiritual growth and transformation. It is not the only path, nor is it a very easy path. The seven spiritual laws discussed in Part Two of this book provide a roadmap for couples who are committed to their mutual spiritual growth. This simple but profound guide to growth and happiness for couples will help you and your partner weather the ups and downs of your relationship so that you can grow together and deepen the intimacy between you.


CSL Dallas


WEDNESDAY NIGHTS – YOGA: Wednesdays @ 6:30pm


Friday Night Lights – Drum Circle: Friday, May 4 @ 7:00pm

Special Guest Speaker – Carl Studna: Sunday, May 6 @ 10:30am

Journey of Evolving Love Workshop: Sunday, May 6 @ 1:00pm

Creative Process in the Individual Class: Monday, May 7 @ 7:00pm

Living Deeply Class: Thursday, May 10 @ 7:00pm

Friday Night Lights – Sacred Sounds: Friday, May 11 @ 7:00pm

Marianne Williamson – The Love America Tour: Thursday, May 17 @ 7:00pm at The Majestic Theater

The Open Door: Friday, May 18 @ 7:30pm

Blood Drive: Sunday, May 20 @ 10:00am

Friday Night Lights – Taize Service:  Friday, May 25 @ 7:00pm

Courting Love Class: Thursday, May 31 @ 7:00pm