May at CSLDallas


Are you ready to experience Bliss? – It’s a matter of discipline!

Discipline is a challenging idea for many of us because it is primarily understood today to mean “the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience” thanks to our linguistic German and old English heritage. Yet it also means “a field of study” and ultimately “training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character.” The word “discipline” originates from the Latin word disciplina which means “instruction” and derives from the root discere which means “to learn.” This is also the primary root for the word “disciple” who is “a person who learns from another, especially one who then teaches others” or “an active follower or adherent of someone, or some philosophy.”

Rev Dr Michael Beckwith coined the phrase “Blissipline” to inspire us to realize that in the training of our minds and emotions through spiritual practice, we are opening the doorway to Bliss. Deliberately following the Science of Mind teachings, opens a whole new way to experience the world which elevates ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences of love, beauty, power, and connection. The paradox is that our lives blossom into bliss when we are willing to discipline our thoughts and behaviors. Dedicated and deliberate spiritual practices are the way we learn and practice the techniques needed for Bliss to become our primary state of being.

The month of May focuses on the 5 spiritual practices that we teach here at CSLDallas and invites each of us to experience the bliss that results from being disciplined, disciples of the teaching and practices of the Science of Mind. In addition, we will take our discipline beyond the 5 formal practices and into the way we show up in our lives through the inspiration of our book of the month, Ordinary Goodness by Rev Dr Edward Viljoen.

Dr Petra

Book of the Month

Ordinary Goodness by Rev Dr Edward Viljoen

Ordinary Goodness reminds me I can see goodness and kindness every day. Edward reminds all of us, that despite our failings, we really can be both good and kind. Brew a cup of tea and curl up with this insightful and achingly beautiful account of the mystery, paradox, and wonder of your life. Bring Bliss into your life by letting this book get you into the Practice of Spiritual Practice! You’ll be glad you did! ~Dr Petra




National Day of Prayer: Thursday, May 4 @ 7:00pm

Friday Night Lights – Drum Circle: Friday, May 5 @ 7:00pm

The Happiness Project Book Study: Saturday, May 6 @ 10:00am

Find Your Spiritual Response in Today’s TimesSunday, May 7 @ 5:00pm

Revolutionary Agreement: Listening with my Heart: Monday, May 8 @ 7:00pm

CSLDallas Expansion Dedication Ceremony: Friday, May 12 @ 6:30pm

Friday Night Lights – Book of the Month Engagement: Friday, May 12 @ 7:00pm

Power of Your WordThursday, May 18 @ 7:00pm

Friday Night Lights – Kirtan MeditationFriday, May 19 @ 7:00pm

Meditation is More than You Think: Tuesday, May 23 @ 7:00pm

Create a Happy Life: Thursday, April 6 @ 7:00pm

Friday Night Lights – TED Talk:  Friday, May 26 @ 7:00pm