Come Fairies, take me out of this dull world, for I would ride with you upon the wind and dance upon the mountains like a flame! William Butler Yeats

The enchanting sound of chimes dancing in the wind reveals the secrets it has to tell from faraway places. Tantalized and lured by the mysterious resonances echoing in harmony with the swaying trees and rustling bushes, the soul is enticed into a secret dimension beyond the realm of typical thinking. Traveling on the sound waves of the imagination, enthralling possibilities seem possible. The mystical comes alive—the soul exposes herself, inviting a delight to come alive within your being.

In this bewitching respite from the analytical, nature calls you into remembrance of her Omnipresence. Evoked from within is the reminder that you live, move, and have your being in this Invisible Power that carries with it all that it has seen, knows, and will be. The tales it tells are for those who can decipher its mystery from its swing between the realms of here and now, and what was and what will be. Close your eyes for a second and the moment is gone. You can no longer see it, but like the wind, you can feel it.

Spiritual Contemplation: Sit outside in the wind, close your eyes, feel nature’s breath upon your body, and let her take you away.

Affirmation: I hear the secret whispers the wind has to tell!