Statistics are used much like a drunk uses a lamppost: for support, not illumination. Vin Scully

Starting your day by checking the morning stats, whether sports, stocks, or social media, is a curious and entertaining way to fire up your brain for the day. Your first activity sets the tone for what’s to come, so be careful not to allow words or numbers on a page to provoke your emotions before you even get out of the house. Facts are fine but don’t let them control you. Who you are is more important than what’s being reported. Let your brain process the physical specifics but remember it’s your heart that enables you to face what this world throws at you.

You are not bound by statistics. Insurance companies know the percentage of those who will survive a particular challenge and those who won’t. What they don’t know is which side of the equation you fall into. It’s your spirit that determines how you’ll process information and how much it will impact your life. So don’t give your power away to the morning news—it’s only information and has only as much impact on your world as you allow it. Be grateful that you always have the ability to enhance the stats of your life.

Spiritual Contemplation: How do you allow reported information to stir you? Is that response all right or would you prefer to process it differently? Knowing that you are more than physical specifics, can you look at information from a greater distance with a more detached perspective? Or is it fun to be stirred by the news of the day’s sports, stocks, or social media for a brief while?

Affirmation: Who I am is greater than the law of averages!