You are either attracting or repelling according to your mental attitudes. You are either identifying yourself with lack or with abundance, with love and friendship or with indifference. You cannot keep from attracting into your experience that which corresponds to the sum total of your states of consciousness. This law of attraction and repulsion works automatically. It is like the law of reflection—the reflection corresponds to the object held before a mirror.  Ernest Holmes

I remember when I learned that the physical world of my life was like a giant feedback mechanism. If I wanted to know what I was thinking and believing, all I had to do was look at my life. It was like looking into a mirror, and I really didn’t care for this idea at all! Surely most of what I didn’t like about my life was because of those other people and what they were doing! I had a really difficult time taking responsibility for the messes in my life and the ways my lack-filled and limited thinking was perfectly mirrored back to me.

Eventually I realized that taking responsibility isn’t about blaming or shaming myself. Rather it‘s simply noticing that my life reflects back to me the quality and state of my habitual thinking: how much attention I’m paying to what isn’t working in my life and how much of my intention is focused on what other people are or aren’t doing. As I began to change where I placed my attention, things in my life improved. As I began to focus my intention on my own life, I began moving in the direction of my dreams.

Spiritual Contemplation: Where you place your attention and intention is what the universe mirrors back to you. Attend to those things that are working and to those that you desire. Remember, a mirror is blank until something stands in front of it. What are you placing in front of the mirror of your life?

Affirmation: I pay attention to where and how things are working in my life. I focus my intention on contributing greater good into life. I love what the mirror of my life reflects back to me!

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