The Law of Life can best be stated: “as you believe, so it is done unto you.” Notice it doesn’t say what you wish, hope or dream for… It says “as you believe.” This is both good news and bad news. The bad news – your life is an out-picturing of your beliefs. This is what is meant by the idea that the Law is a cruel master. It does not ask whether what you believe is true, or good, or in alignment with Spiritual Truth. It simply uses what you believe to create your experiences.

HOWEVER, this is also the good news. The Law is your willing and able servant in that it will absolutely create whatever you believe, and YOU can change what you believe. You are in charge of your beliefs about life. Things like:  Is it easy or hard – Are you a victim or not – Is it really impossible to the Infinite?  As you discover and embrace new ideas and new evidence about the Spiritual Truth, the Law must obey your new beliefs as Its new commands. This is how you consciously co-create a life with the Law as your willing and obedient servant.