He who sees Beauty, sees the Whole within
Apparent parts; the beauty of the dawn
Is not the sun, nor mist nor spuming sea,
Nor oak-tree challenging the raging wind.
For Beauty lies in him who sees and what
He sees and how he sees and what he feels.
Ernest Holmes

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and so are joy, truth, love, peace, and every good thing you desire. It’s not what you’re looking for that counts. It is where you are looking from. The consciousness with which you look is what you will see. The best way to see the truth of this phenomenon is to start looking at new cars. Once you narrow the field and choose a car you like, doesn’t it seem like you see those cars all over the place? You are looking at life “from” the eyes of seeing that particular car.

A negative way we experience this is when we collect evidence in support of our limiting beliefs. Because we easily feel left out or overlooked, we notice all the times, no matter how small, that we are left out or overlooked. We have a tendency to completely miss all the times we are actually included.

Spiritual Contemplation: Where are you looking from? What kind of eye are you beholding your lives from?

Affirmation: I behold my life from the eye of Beauty, Joy, Peace, Love, Abundance, and Wholeness.