Love risks everything, and asks for nothing.  Rumi

The Divine Feminine appears to be awakening in the collective consciousness once again. There is a rising in the understanding of the interconnectedness and sacredness of all life. It’s out-picturing in the birthing of new technologies that will save the earth, a growing understanding of the importance of harmonious resolution, and a higher understanding of equality for all life. The feminine brings a healing, nurturing, creative balance to the issues of life.

There is an emergence going on in the holistic field of the body/mind and sacred physical practices for integration of soul into form. A union of apparent opposites seems to be taking place between the inner and the outer, scientific and mystical, matter and form, intuition and knowledge. This sacred marriage is activating the global heart of humanity, which feels justice and equality will unite this world better than domination, exploitation and the implementation of “my-way over-yours.”

You are being called to use your intuitive self to feel the truth beyond what is being pumped through the corporate media outlets of one-sided perspectives. You are being invited to know a greater picture that only the aware observer can truly see. Be careful not to give your power away to the storyteller when there is always so much more not being told. Stop the inane chattering in your head and listen with the heart that can understand more than words can describe. It’s said, “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” When you are free enough to open to a higher wisdom, it will interpret itself at the level of the experience in which you find yourself. It will appear in ways you would never expect.

Spiritual Contemplation: What stories, where you don’t perceive a harmonious way out, are you getting caught up in? Sit, be quiet, invite a greater picture to emerge, and remain open to the unexpected.

Affirmation: I trust my intuitive sense!

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