“Find me one person who can get his own littleness out of the way and he shall reveal to me the immeasurable magnitude of the universe in which I live.” — Ernest Holmes

Joy and happiness are not experiences you find or create.  These are the product of a soul in tune with itself and in alignment with Life.  What calls to your soul?  What is your life about?  These are questions that reveal your purpose, your reason for being in the world, on the planet, at this particular time.  Answering these questions will help you discover your purpose.

Then seek to be about the purpose that is unfolding in your life, and you will find joy and happiness where you least expect them.  Go looking to live your purpose, be about what you are here for, and joy will sneak into your life and your heart.  Happiness will no longer be something you want or look for.  It will be the place you live from, every day.

Reflection:  Explore how you are chasing happiness?  Notice when you are living your purpose and see if happiness is already there?

Affirmation:  I am aligned with my true purpose.  This fills my life with Joy and Happiness.