The breath of Life is breathing through all Creation. It is Love made visible. This breath is breathing me. It is the Presence of the Divine and It moves through me, through all people, and throughout the world. I affirm this breath as a healing and cleansing golden light of love. I see it flowing in, through, and around the lungs of the planet and the individual cells in each and every body. I release negativity, attachment, fear, anxiety, and every sense of separation. I claim this breath of life moves as Divine Intelligence through leaders, medical personnel, first responders, business people, workers, parents, and children, guiding each to Divine Right Action. Each person is in their perfect place, lifting consciousness, bringing awareness, doing what is necessary, and restoring wholeness to our bodies, psyche, social connection, and spiritual awareness. A true moral compass is birthed and a healing of our planet takes place as humanity awakens to its profound interconnectedness, Oneness, and an embodied awareness of Spirit.