Meditation is about your connection with The Infinite. There is tremendous value in stopping many times throughout the day for the purpose of remembering. During meditation you open yourself to a state of receptivity; and then just as simply as you opened up, you come back to the present and go about your life. Often it is not until sometime later when, zap, an insight drops into your awareness as if from the sky. It seems magical—almost as if all the meditations from the past week have accumulated, and when you’re relaxed and surrendering, contact is realized. You might start your day with meditation, and it serves as nothing more than a pleasant, peaceful moment. Then hours later, when you’re focused on the activities of the day, you find you’re in the midst of Spirit. What meditation teaches us is that the harder we grasp at an answer, the further we push it away. Contact doesn’t seem to come when we strain.

If God is your world, what have you to fear?  Emma Curtis Hopkins

Spirit can show Itself only when mental activity subsides. The more often you pause and ponder your true nature, the more you practice the presence, and something that doesn’t come from your rational mind will enter into your consciousness from the mystical realm. You’ll find the word of Spirit being placed into your awareness and through that you’ll begin to live by grace. These impartations will carry a harmonizing effect to your world without effort on your part.

Spiritual Contemplation: Stop at least once an hour to contemplate the Presence of Spirit. Then notice how the buildup delivers a sense of peace and clarity to you later on or even while you sleep.

Affirmation: I remember and see Spirit throughout my day!