Being a perfectionist keeps you from playing around, trying new things, and breaking out of the ruts of our life. Trying to be perfect doesn’t get us anyplace new! It’s the bike and not the books that teach the child how to ride, for us learn by actually doing rather than just reading and thinking about it. Going for it teaches us more than staying at home calculating the pros and cons of our next move until all possibilities have passed us by.

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing. George Bernard Shaw

You’ll never learn how to swing until you pick up the baseball bat. Even if you strike out, you’ll have a better understanding how to swing the next time. You have to get moving from where you are, even if you haven’t mastered that home run swing quite yet. Life is your coach and helps you develop your passion to play at the highest level. Stop looking with your doubting, judging mind and let your adventurous spirit out to play—you’ll get better at whatever you are doing with some practice and experience. When you step out of the house, your next experience will take you where you need to be, even if it’s a bumpy road. Life will offer you what you need in order to bring forth your gifts from within.

Spiritual Contemplation: Are you too much of a perfectionist? What is keeping you from trying until you become better with time? Where do you need to get out of your head and onto the field?

Affirmation: I release being a perfectionist. I get out there and play in the adventure of life.

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