Welcome! If you drop in CSLDallas, a Center for Spiritual Living, on any given Sunday Morning Celebration Experience and a little lady with a bright and welcoming smile greets you with a happy “Welcome to CSLDallas! Thank you for joining us!” you have met Rev Patti Generes, Assistant Minister and all-around great choreographer of our marvelous Sunday Celebrations. And she is indeed delighted to greet you!

Family, Faith, and Spirit…Rev Patti’s life is an out-picturing of her consciousness, healthy, happy, and abundant with a lovely family and a plethora of friends. Rev Patti is married to her childhood sweetheart and soul mate companion, her Beloved Carl, 60 years this year. They have 3 children and 4 grandchildren that light up their lives with beauty and joy. Rev Patti was the founder and creative director of Graphic Solutions for 7 years, she then joined the family law firm for over 20 years. She successfully handled every facet of the administrative and business details of a thriving securities and corporate law firm.

Spiritual Leadership…a Calling. In 1999 The Center for Spiritual Living, Dallas became Rev Patti’s spiritual home, when she moved her affiliation and membership as a Licensed Practitioner of SOM, United Church of Religious Science, from the Cathedral of Light. She is grateful to Rev Kay Hunter for giving her such loving strong roots of Science of Mind, Religious Science as a Licensed Practitioner.

CSLDallas. For some 17 years, Rev Patti practiced as a licensed Practitioner at CSLDallas in loving service. Rev Patti took to the joy of sacred service bringing her business skills, good stewardship, and passion for Spiritual Principles to becoming Chair of the CSLDallas Board of Trustees. During her tenure of service as Board President, CSLDallas moved to a new location and she racked up some 3,000 hours of community service. Rev Patti helped implement a new way of being “church,” through the adaptation of the C.O.R.E. Organization Design that facilitated and embodied being “open at the top”. She chaired the CSLDallas Transition Team and helped craft the C.O.R.E. design, Congruence Model, and Web of Influence implementation chart which demonstrated the unique individuality of CSLDallas. The team also created a new set of Bylaws. Spiritual Principle led the way. Rev Patti was on the Board/C.O.R.E. for 7 years, 6 years as Chair. It was a happy time.

CSLDallas is her heart, and she freely and happily calls Dr Petra a most prominent blessing in her life. She received CSLDallas three highest awards and the “Generes” altar still stands bearing her family name. It is here where she realized and received her highest calling. She enrolled in ministerial school at the CSLDallas campus of the Holmes Institute of Consciousness and Mile Hi Church, Colorado.

Raise in Praise! After receiving her master’s degree from Holmes Institute of Consciousness Studies, Rev Patti founded The Center for Spiritual Living, Lovers Lane, which was a Focus Group Center dedicated to small groups. The Little House, as it was called, offered itself as a heart-centered neighborhood gathering place within an established community that provided the opportunity for individuals and families to realize Spiritual Wholeness in all areas of their lives. A focal point of the Little House on Lovers Lane was its shared community gardens which Rev Patti helped construct. “Really!”

While ministering at The Little House Rev Patti was ordained as a Science of Mind Minister, she recognized the “Golden Thread of Consciousness” running through the whole of her studies, Spirit, Wisdom, the divine Sophia.

It was this Golden Thread of Consciousness that led Rev Patti back to her heart, back to CSLDallas to answer the call of Dr Petra and Rev Karen to join the High Vision for CSLDallas. Here she has practiced the Presence as Assistant Minister, Director Small Group Ministry, and Production Director Sunday Morning Celebration Experience.

Rev Patti is dedicated to her CSLDallas Small Group Ministries.

As Rev Patti says, Spirit has made hers a lifetime based upon the solid ground of a life lived intimately knowing “God is not ever afar off,”* that which is True for One is true for all. And so it is.

*Ernest S. Holmes